Main Cool Poll page

After clicking on Cool Poll menu item, main Coll Poll plugin page appears. This page contains Add new poll button and a list of existing polls with some information about their status, author and with actions, that can be executed. Polls are named by poll question, which is main poll identifier for user.

Management of polls

Poll Statuses

One of four statuses is assigned to every poll. These statuses are Inactive, Active, Stopped and Deleted. Only Inactive poll can be fully edited. Only Active poll can be displayed in a widget.

Poll Creation

Poll can be created by going to CoolPoll page and clicking on Add new poll button. After clicking, new window will appear, which contains fields to set up new poll. Poll question can be set in a field labeled Poll Question.

Number of poll answers can be increased by clicking on Add answer button. Every answer can be set in a field labeled Answer followed by number indicating order of answer.

Every answer field has a corresponding bar field, in which color of bar assigned to answer can be set.

Background color of poll can be set too by unchecking the field labeled by „Use template background color“ and setting of desired color in a field labeled Background color.

Status can be set to Inactive or Active. If Active is chosen, poll will be immediately shown in an assigned widget (if any) and can not be fully edited anymore (except its status). If Inactive is chosen, poll can be fully edited later.

After making of desired settings it is necesary to submit form for changes to be saved in to database.

Poll Activation

If poll is created with status set to Inactive, it can be activated later by editing poll status. Edit screen can be displayed by going to Cool Poll page and clicking on edit action in a desired row of list of all created polls. Poll status can be edited by choosing appropriate option from select box labeled status and submitting the form.

Poll editing

Edit screen can be displayed by going to Cool Poll page and clicking on edit action in a desired row of list of all created polls. Edit screen is very similar to screen which was shown during poll creation, but values of fields are now set to values specified during poll creation.

If poll is in Inactive state, every value can be changed and new poll answers may be added. If poll is in Active state, only poll status can be changed to Stopped state and no other fields can be changed.

Poll stopping

Poll can be stopped by editing of poll status to Stopped. This can be done by going to edit screen (see above), choosing Stopped option in select box labeled by Status and clicking on Save button located next to the select box.

Poll delete

Poll can be deleted by clicking on Delete action on main Cool Poll plugin page in appropriate row of list.

Poll display

Instance of Cool Poll widget needs to be created via a customizer. This can be done by finding the widgets menu item, displaying list of available widgets and choosing Cool Poll one. Then it is possible to set up this widget and assign it to one of created polls by choosing the appropriate one from select box labeled Poll. In mentioned select box only Active polls are contained. Then it is necessary to publish poll by clicking on customizer Publish button. Chosen poll should now be displayed in this widget.

Poll report display

Poll report can be displayed by going to Cool Poll main page and clicking on the name of poll (poll question). New screen is then opened, which contains report. Report contains records of all of the poll votes. Theese records consist of voter chosen poll answer, IP of voter and date of vote.

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